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 -  NSDL /CDSL  DEPOSITORY  System _ uwef: 9.12.23

With  the  inclusion of  progressive Information technology in the world RBI of India have  introduced the   adoption of a  unique  centalised  depository  system for the safe and secure holding of  the SECURITIES and complete DATA of  equity shares  trading in INDIA by  forming the  > N S D L &  C D S L .

Both corporate bodies : NSDL & CDSL are  to hold securily the all securities as BONDS , Equity shares in a dematerilsed form for holding  and this system also facilitate the smooth transactions in Indian STOCK market exchanges . NSDL also functions as a Bank for generating the Demate account and manage the proper system of easy trading .

wef_31.3.2023 NSDL hoded more than 3.15 crore Demate accounts while CDSL more than 8.30 crore 

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